pondělí 6. března 2017

Who am I? Where do I come from and where am I going to?

As per the Maya astrology everybody is born in one of 260 days of the cycle. The cycle consists of the row of 13 numbers and of 20 day signs (nawales). Both numbers and nawales carry different energies or qualities. Their combinaton describes our personality, our strong and weak aspects.

I am able to make the analysis which can show your inherited qualities, so called LIFE PLAN. We can uncover your real motives, what brings you happiness and where your challenges are. A simple combinaton of number and nawale can be wide up into so called Maya cross. In the Maya cross we can find other numbers and nawales which represent your past and your future, your intuitive and physical aspects. This basic cross can be wided up more again into a group of nine signs which reach much further to your future both in intuitive and physical aspects.

Some nawales bring the energy of arts, some of gardeners, advisors or lawyers, etc. Unfortunately our actual society does not support life in line with our gifts and prefere life according to the height of the salary. But if your life is in a harmony with your given energies and talents and you do the right work you will be happy and much more successful. And so healthy…

- Maya astrology can help also when you find yourself at a life cross, if you feel unsatisfied in your work and are thinking how to continue.

- I can also make a COMBINATIONS for partners or friends to get the answer for the question - Why are we together, what do we have in common?

- This system is very useful for pointing out GIFTS AND TALENTS FOR CHILDREN and so it helps parents to understand where to develop the child. As the result it means a happy and fulfilled life.

- Last but not least I can make an EXPLANATION of some particular day in the past if something important or strange happened to you and give you some advice or PROGNOSIS what any future day or period means to you in your personal combination. Simply to understand and to be ready :-)

If you are interested in your Life Plan please write me for more information.