pondělí 6. března 2017

About me


One who is heading for a future, who is looking out a change should know to reconcile and deal with the past and so to find out and recognise what the presence is telling him. 
(Ondrej Habr)


My name is Jana, I live in Brno in the Czech republic, in the heart of Europe. I am Cholq´ij guide, adviser and analyst.

My path is surely very similar to the path of anybody else. We are born somewhere, to certain parents and a certain background, we inherit ancestry models and so we carry all this mixture together with a much older past.
The goal of these pages is to tell you something more about my path and maybe to inspire you not to look upon your life as the unchangable reality but to make you stand up into position of its creator.  

From my childhood I have always been attracted by books, seeking information. I was given the nickname „walking encyclopedia“ at the basic school. Books for children changed to fiction and were added by spiritual literature. I read about budhism, pre-death and after-death life, about work with mind, etc. At the same time I devoured sci-fi as well. All this seemed to me absolutely clear and obvious, it is like this, isn´t it!?
When the time was passing a psychology, a studium of how the human body works and what is the effect of nutrition and thinking on our health came into my life, too. Not far ago I was touched by quantum physics because what it says sounds to me understandable and real. And then two real loves have come into my life – Enneagram and the sacred Maya calendar Cholq´ij.

My deepest interest is the interest in a human. Why we live like we live, why happiness and misery personal and in relationships exist, if this all is unchangable story or if we are able to do something with it. My friends, we really ARE able to make a change. Any change at any time.

Maya calender Cholq´ij attracted my attention at the end of 2015 and then the whole process of its exploration and absorption was incredibly fast, intensive and very psychically hard. I myself was exploring its amazing mathematic system, finding out consequences, creating logical models. Everything fit together. Maya were excellent mathematicians.
It did not last long and a native Maya came into my life so I went to Guatemala. Another teacher came very soon after that. In the same time I studied a lot of books in English and some in Spanish. Well… it works like this to me.

If you are seeking, seeking simply something because you have already come so far that you are pushed to seek, maybe here on these pages you find inspiration or any other kind of guiding.

I am following my inner impulzes, putting information together with my own experience and I think that finally I am going on my own path after so many years of seeking.
We all are going on some path. None is better or worse. But we can always change the path we are not satisfied with!

Enjoy these pages!

My dear teachers:

-          Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac, Aj Q´ij, Chuch Q´ajaw (mother-father), director of Mision Maya Wajshakib B´atz, Momostenango, Guatemala
-          Mark Elmy, Aj Q´ij, centre Flower House, lake Atitlan, Guatemala