pátek 10. března 2017

10.3.2017 10 Ajpu


Fight for freedom is a resistance and ego defence against helpless feeling. And where is this negative eye leading to? Our basic dream is to be with people we belong to, not to be closed in a cage of victim and helpless thinking. Isolation is good for some time for introspection but we need to be a member of society.
Yesterday deep draught into our depths shew us all that. We understood and decided. Today we go to act.

Today our prime fight for freedom and rules/standards admitting can be released. Thanks to this release and accepting of people as they are a joy and optimism can arrive. We can be able to controle emotionality which leads into closeness. It is a day to obtain certainty and safety, to plan and reach the goals. We have the strenght, courage and the right grounding for it.
Today is a very important day at least for the nearest future. We are in the game now, it is about us. We want and can to make and to gain a lot on the physical realm. Stop resistance, go and act. After all Ajpu is a master in creating societies and tieing relationships, it is about a true ambition, leadership and help.
Today with stepping out we are heading for to become a valid, benefitial and so healthy and happy individual.